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Painter Chie

Painter Chie

Chie’s creative style of painting has gained her the reputation of 'painter of light'.
As Chie's art helps bring deep peace, she has had strong support from brain scientists and doctors, and her art has been presented several times at academic conferences.
Chie has had Exhibitions in Japan, as well as overseas; such as in the Italian contemporary art Biennale, Paris, in NY, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and Mexico.
Her unique sensibility in her writing has created her reputation. She has had many books published from publishers in Japan. such as PARCO PUBLICATION, KADOKAWA MAGAZINE, TOYO KEIZAI INC., PHP INSTITUTE and FOR YOU, MAKINO PUBLICATION, TOHO PUBLICATIONS,HIKARU LAND and NATURAL SPIRIT.
In addition, Chie has made use of her many talents in different fields; such as making her major debut as a music composer.
Her second CD "Lumiere" is the No.1 in 2 sections in the Amazon ranking.   
In disaster areas, also in orphanages in Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, school and a hospital Chie has conducted art-as-therapy classes with the affected children, as her own small personal campaign.  
In 2020, she plans to establish 'Chie Art Elementary School' in Cambodia through her own personal financial investment.

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Chie Art History

She expresses soft colours by rubbing pastels against a paper again and again only using her fingers.
This elaborately-crafted work is like dyeing Japanese kimonos.
Her first private exhibition in Tokyo, 1998 attracted more than 700 visitors.
Her unique style of artworks got media attention. Since then, each of her exhibitions in Japan and overseas has always gotten a high profile engaging more than some hundreds of visitors. She showed her works at the exhibitions in Stockholm, Geneva, Florence, etc. and held private exhibitions at Rockefeller Center in New York, Paris, Tokyo and many other cities.
Through her works she contributes to hospitals, hospices, orphanages and educational institutions overseas as well as in Japan.
She has published 15 books of paintings with her messages through major publishing companies and has enjoyed large sales with more than 140,000 copies.
She does not belong to any circles or associations of arts. In 2005 she joined the list of authoritative “Japan Artists Directory” as the youngest. She is getting increased attention from associations of arts.


Chie make a social contribution for children all over the world through her art for a long time.

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